Zen and the Art of Shutters

Wanting some peace and quiet after a long day in the city is pretty universal. But what about darkness? Generally we associate darkness with evil and bad omens. However, darkness can affect the quality of your sleep in a number of ways. It’s been recommended time and time again to sleep in a room that’s as dark as possible (that means turning off the lamp, too – scary!). For those who live in the city, peace and quiet is especially essential. In LA shutters are not optional.

How should we go about getting the dimness we so deserve? Curtains are certainly an option, but they’re a mess to have to rope up every morning, and most people just end up not bothering. Getting light in the morning, especially if you work at home, is important. So what about shutters? It’s an on-off switch for the sun! Plus, they’re not unsightly and flimsy like blinds. It’s imperative to get shutters that are study, and will last a few years. It’s also a good idea to have them installed by the company that you purchased them from – wouldn’t want to go voiding your own warranty trying to be a hero.

In LA shutters won’t get you everywhere, though. What other things can you do to build your own bedroom sanctuary? Some folks like to insulate their homes, not only for warmth, but to protect them from the noisy sounds of traffic and pedestrians. Having a place that’s isolated from outside noises will improve your mood almost as much as shelter from light. If don’t want to shell out for insulation, you can use egg cartons as a DIY replacement! Other tips for maintaining a peaceful sleeping area is keeping electronics away from the bed, as they not only periodically emit light, conversations from friends or all-too-tempting apps can keep your head turning. Give yourself a break, close those shutters, hit the lights, and enjoy the beautiful city after you sleep – not during!

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