Zen and the Art of Shutters

Wanting some peace and quiet after a long day in the city is pretty universal. But what about darkness? Generally we associate darkness with evil and bad omens. However, darkness can affect the quality of your sleep in a number of ways. It’s been recommended time and time again to sleep in a room that’s as dark as possible (that means turning off the lamp, too – scary!). For those who live in the city, peace and quiet is especially essential. In LA shutters are not optional.

How should we go about getting the dimness we so deserve? Curtains are certainly an option, but they’re a mess to have to rope up every morning, and most people just end up not bothering. Getting light in the morning, especially if you work at home, is important. So what about shutters? It’s an on-off switch for the sun! Plus, they’re not unsightly and flimsy like blinds. It’s imperative to get shutters that are study, and will last a few years. It’s also a good idea to have them installed by the company that you purchased them from – wouldn’t want to go voiding your own warranty trying to be a hero.… Read More

Routine Garage Door Maintenance is Important

Many people take their garage doors for granted. Your hope is that it opens and closes every time you need it to. You rely on the door to keep your car and your family safe and to keep the elements out. You likely give maintenance of a garage door very little thought. You aren’t alone. Here are some things you can do periodically to make sure your garage door is always working.

Test the Operation of the Door

Manually lifting and lowering the garage door can tell you a lot about how well it is operating. As long as it is easy to lift and pull down, it should be alright when the automatic garage door opener is working. If the door is difficult to lift, you will want to inspect the rails and guides, springs, belts, chains, and other components. Keep an eye out for rust, corrosion, or loose fasteners. The specialists at Grapevine Garage Door Repair can clean, lubricate, and tighten or replace components for you.

Inspect the Door Opener and Remotes

Check that your automatic door opener is running smoothly. Change out the light bulb if necessary. If there is a back-up battery, check to see if it is working. Make sure your remotes also have working batteries. While you are at it, check that the safety features are also working, such as the sensors that prevent the door from closing when something is in its path, like a car or bike.

Again, you can have your garage door specialist check out the opener more closely and safely. This isn’t a job for someone who is not confident on a tall step ladder.

Check the Seals

One of the most important components of a garage door system is the weatherstripping and gaskets that serve to keep rain, snow, wind, debris, small animals, and insects out of your garage. There is often weatherstripping at the base of the door and around the perimeter of the opening. Look for holes and deterioration. You can have seals replaced easily.

Refinish the Door

Unless you have a fiberglass door, you will want to maintain the finish. Wood doors need to be resealed or painted every 5 to 7 years.

Steel doors are often painted for residential applications. These too need to be scraped down and repainted periodically. Check with your garage door dealer, or the product literature to find out exactly what the finish is on the door so you can use the same formulation.

Replace any broken panes of glass to keep the weather and animals out.

Prevention is Good Sense

A garage door that isn’t functioning properly will not protect your car or your home. By maintaining your garage doors and the components you will be extending the life of them. You will also be saving money on unexpected and possibly emergency repairs.

Unless you are very handy and follow proper safety practices, making repairs yourself is not recommended due to all of the moving parts. It makes very … Read More